With the sole motivation of pleasing Allah the vision of INOR Cancer Patients Welfare Society is to further the Islamic values of service to humanity at large scale. IPWS is non-political, non sectarian voluntary social welfare organization and is affiliated with other welfare organization registered under the voluntary social welfare agencies, Registration and Control ordinance 1961 and to international welfare organization for the promotion of the aforesaid aims and objects.  

Cancer treatment is one of the most expensive treatments and unfortunately most of our even those patients who have a good chance of long survival cannot afford treatment.

According to the World health organization report as many as 1, 36,000 new patients of Cancer are diagnosed and more than 85,000 deaths are reported annually in Pakistan due to lack of awareness and high cost of treatment.

 INOR Patient’s Welfare Society was established 17th May 2004 for welfare of poor and needy cancer patients at Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine INOR Abbottabad.

From its establishment IPWS facilitated the patients coming from all over Pakistan specially K.P.K, Hazara Division, Northern Areas, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Adjacent Part of Punjab to this Institute.

IPWS will contribute to its vision by exclusively focusing on providing excellence driven, comprehensive and free of cost health care facilities to needy cancer patients of INOR.

IPWS works within the limits of Sharih and Law. IPWS will strive to achieve financial independence from Zakat, Khairat through the Islamic concept of Waqf, to fulfill its aims and objectives.