Few Success Stories of Patients :

Many poor, innocent lives are being saved at Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Abbottabad with the help INOR Patients Welfare Society.

A true story about Jamila Bibi 45 years old female patient from district Haripur. At the age of thirty five breast cancer is diagnosed in her body and she and her family had lost all hope due to non availability of funds to treat the Cancer.

 When she contact to INOR patients welfare society member and he have provided her free of cost and timely treatment at INOR Abbottabad. With the efforts of doctors, staff and her family she won the war against cancer by the grace of Allah.

Finally, her prayers were answered, when INOR doctors told him that her cancer had been cured and that her life had been saved. Now she is recovered from breast cancer and living happy life with her husband and children.